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January 30, 2008

The Glimi Glider was retired today

Pretty cool story if you have never heard of it.

January 26, 2008

Another History

I happened across "The African Repository" in my genealogy research and found it quite interesting. I did a Google book search for my Great Great Great Great grandfather, Simon Cronise of Frederick Maryland and happened upon it.

The book appears to be a collection on newsletters from an Christian organization intending on sending freed slaves to colonize Liberia. I remember mention of this in a few of my history classes in High school and college, but those mentions where really just facts, without any substance. Reading through these letters, you really get a feel for the heart of the abolitionists, and more importantly the motivation behind their heart.

They seem to recognize the inherent worth of the "free colored" Americans, and would like to restore their dignity. They hope that by allowing these men to recolonize in Africa, they will help make Africa more civilized through the spread of the Gospel, and will help to end the slave trade by establishing a military force to discourage Slave traders.

I have certainly not read the whole thing, but so far, it has provided some very interesting reading. I am quite impressed by the greater literacy of writings back in those days. I think that our general education and literacy has gone way downhill over the last 200 years.

January 21, 2008

New at Liferoads...

My church started "Sunday Night Teaching" last night. This is going to be a weekly service where some of the men in the church teach straight through books of the bible. I think it is a terrific idea, and I am glad it is happening.

In a moderate sized church like ours, with only one Sunday service, many of the volunteers miss out every other week or so. This new service will provide a way to get fed more of the word.

I like it when preachers and teachers teach through a book of the Bible. It forces them to address the confusing and unpopular passages, that can be the seeds of doubt and the points of rebellion within the congregation.

The SNT guys built a blog and podcast on the first day. Be sure to check it out. If you are in the Spokane area and would like to join us, SNT is at 6:30 Sunday nights at Liferoads Church.

January 18, 2008

Chess master Bobby Fischer dies at 64 - Yahoo! News

Bobby Fischer is dead

I wonder if they will make a movie with that name.

He was a very strange duck.

January 13, 2008

WorldNetDaily: Teen twins birth HucksArmy.com


Brett Harris rebutted criticism by Huckabee detractors that he favors big government.

"Conservatives hold to the idea that the government that governs least governs best, but by that standard Iraq has a better government than we do," said Brett. "Mike Huckabee is not a big-government conservative; he is a right-government conservative. There is a constitutional role for government, and Huckabee recognizes that.

"The reason the people of Arkansas repeatedly re-elected him was because he got the results. He got a life amendment passed and a marriage amendment. He turned a $250 million deficit into an $850 million surplus. He improved the roads and the schools. He cut taxes and balanced the budget every year. The reason some people hate him is because he didn't always do things their way - but they haven't gotten the results doing it their way."

Said Harris: "I think the people of this country are ready for a new way that works."

January 12, 2008


Seahawks lost today.

I spent most of the afternoon trying to convince my 4 year old that Brett Favre was a Superhero.

He refused to believe me, but I was telling the truth. If there is such a thing as a superhero, I think he should be our first nominee.

Enough Dogmatic Politicians.

Senator Thompson is going after Huckabee for not being a Reagan conservative because Huckabee says he will sign a nationwide smoking ban, should congress pass one. Senator Thompson thinks that this is a violation of states rights that would make Ronald Reagan roll over in his grave.

Ronald Reagan signed a similar bill that forced all states to raise their drinking age to 21, saving 17,000 lives so far.

The "Club for Growth" is also attacking Huckabee for allowing Arkansas to pay it's bills and keep the roads and schools usable. Republicans are not libertarians. We oppose taxes especially at the federal level to redistribute wealth and to bribe certain congressional districts to keep the majority party's incumbent in power. We should not oppose all state taxes used to build infrastructure in the area where the taxes are collected.

Sometimes there is good reason to put aside the dogmatic adherence to some philosophical argument in order to make pragmatic decisions that improve life for all Americans. Ronald Reagan knew this, and Mike Huckabee knows this.

January 5, 2008

Voddie Baucham audio alert.

Voddie Baucham was on Moody Broadcasting's Open Line program last night.

He is always worth listening to.

January 3, 2008

News from 1853

I was searching for historical tidbits on a distant relative of mine, and I happened upon the following story:

"Coroner Coyle, of Auburn N.Y., was called on Thursday, to hold an inquest on the body of a convict in the Auburn Prison. The name of the deceased was Adam Sittey. The verdict of the Coroner's Jury was that Sittey was a lunatic, and that he inflicted a mortal wound on the left side of his throat, completely severing the caroted artery, causing instant death. The Auburn Advertizer inquires: We wonder whether the present system of punishing convicts by nearly drowning them in cold water, had anything to do with the lunacy of the deceased" New York Times - Feb 7, 1853

That was the entire story. It was embedded in several paragraphs or random news tidbits. Several of the stories where quite wierd. Click the link. It is interesting reading, Plus, you will find a bit of news about my relative.