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October 13, 2004

No more debates

Now the real fun begins. I don't think the debates are going to decide the election.

Now is prime time for dirty tricks. I think that Kerry is a distinct disadvantage in this department of the campaign. The issue is twofold. 1, everyone knows that Bush was a sinner, and 2 all of his closets have been thouroghly searched. The DWI charge in the 2000 election didn't break his campaign. I don't think character is as heavily weighted an issue on the incumbant. We already know him, and like him or hate him.

Kerry's problem as I see it is that his skeletons are not well hidden. When you go before the Senate and accuse people of systematic rape, it doesn't take a dirty trick to use that against you. The POW anti-Kerry crowd is going to now be louder than ever. They are discussing the repurcussions of actions that everyone knows the Kerry took, so there is no room to dismiss them as liars like the Swift boat vets where.

It will be interesting to see if Kerry's military records get pried out. I would suspect that he was not attending his reserve drills and stuff when he was so busy traveling the country protesting. All of the Texas Air National Guard stuff could really hurt Kerry if it turns out that he was just as guilty as Bush. The president has been wise to avoid Kerry's military record, but Kerry did make some comments that could turn out to be quite hypocritical if he didn't fullfill his service. You would think that if this dishonorable discharge story had wings, it would have flown by now, especially with the way the Vets have lined up against him. But if It doesn't have wings, why doesn't Kerry just sign the form 180 that allows his military records to be released? He must be hiding something.

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