John MacArthur’s timely comments on George Washington’s birthday

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Choice John MacArthur quote from the Christian Post article “Influential Evangelical: Mideast Uprisings Violate Biblical Command

But from a biblical perspective, MacArthur maintained that the protesters are in violation of the biblical command to “submit to the powers that be because they’re ordained of God.”

“I would have wished the American government, which has a history of Christianity, would have risen up and said ‘this is wrong, this is forbidden for people to do this, this is intolerable,” he said.

“I’m not saying Moammar Gadhafi is the best leader; I’m not saying that Mubarak is a great, benevolent and just leader, not when he’s got $70 billion in his own pockets at the expense of people,” he clarified.

But, he stressed, believers are commanded to live orderly, peaceful lives, subjecting themselves to whatever the government would be.

It will be interesting what happens in Southern California as it’s longtime Christian leaders fade into old age and questionable judgement.  (See last week’s post regarding Chuck Smith)

In thinking of such things, I am reminded of a very powerful message that Mark Driscoll delivered to the New Frontiers movement in the UK regarding the life of movements. The audio here The audio is well worth the hour if you have it.  Prophetic and pastoral on a massive scale.

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  • mattharmless

    I’ve enjoyed your posts lately! You have been bringing some really interesting stuff to the table!

    I haven’t had time to listen to the Driscoll thing yet, but could you clarify the “It will be interesting what happens in Southern California as it’s longtime Christian leaders fade into old age and questionable judgement.”? I am going to check out the post about Chuck Smith, but are you including MacArthur in that or are you lamenting what will happen when MacArthur fades into that?

  • Josh Reighley

    Chuck Smith is a foundation down there. Macarthur is another foundation. Jack Hayford another. I am sure there are a few more. All in their 70’s or 80’s Smith, or his proteges are on the radio nearly 24 hours a day. I suspect Smith is losing some of his sharpness, as would be expected as folks reach old age…

    MacArthur may be losing it too… Or he might just be being MacArthur.. Hard to tell with him.. I thought his comments on Darrin Patrick’s book where borderline loony. I don’t think it is the intellect that goes first, when one becomes a Curmudgeon, it is the discernment.

    I see Driscoll’s talk as being especially appropriate for Chuck Smith’s case.. What is going to happen to Calvary Chapel when he is gone? Will they honor their founder at the expense of their future? Or will they pursue their future at the expense of their founder? Or will they find a balance?