More on the Rob Bell stuff..

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Seems like the bulk of public opinion is disapproves of Justin Taylor’s treatment of Rob Bell…   (Taylor has not read Bell’s book yet, but is judging it based on the promotional materials)

I think that Rob Bell has built a track record, and there is plenty of reason to be critical and discerning about Bell’s teaching.

Mark Driscoll had obviously done his homework before he gave this talk two years ago.   (He addresses Rob Bell’s writing and teaching about 40 minutes in)

On the other hand. It is not unlikely that Rob Bell Lands where I land on hell… We will see when the book comes out.  There are a lot of solid evangelical Christians who believe in a more figurative hell.  CS Lewis, John Stott, Tim Keller, NT Wright etc.  So long as we agree that it is a very bad place that worth avoiding at all costs, I don’t think we necessarily breach orthodoxy much.

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