The Eschatology of a Lie.

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Lies are all around us.  What do we do with them?

One thing that I have found effective is to attach the eschatology to the lie, and hand it back to the person who gave it to you.  “You are telling me this,  And they are telling me that.   One of you is lying.  I don’t know which one.  But you do, they do, and God does.  I can’t sort it out nor do I need to.  I will do what I believe is right based on the information that  I know to be true.”

If you are a God fearing liar, this puts you in a very uncomfortable position.  Lying gained you nothing but a lie on your undeniable resume that you will give an account for in the end.

Lies are incapable of changing truth.  I do think that we forget that in this day and age.   We have bought into the idea that perception is reality, therefore when we change perception we change reality.

Perception is actually the sin filter that we use to justify our ungodly actions.    It is our attempt to destroy God’s reality and build a replacement reality that is more to our liking.

But our reality is irrelevant.   If we walk off a cliff there is still a sudden stop when we hit the bottom weather we believe in the cliff or not.  Sin leads to destruction weather we believe it does or not.

In the end, lies are powerless.  Truth always wins.  Lies can only distort perception, it is powerless against reality.


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