Facebook is not the root of all evil. But….

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A recent study by a group of Divorce lawyers claims that 20% of all divorces cite facebook as a factor.

Some people dismiss this idea as ridiculous.   I don’t.  I think I have seen it go down a few times within my group of facebook friends. 15 or 20 years later you notice a couple divorcing their spouses and back together with a flame from the old days.

Facebook is revolutionary in its ability to connect people to their past.

If you have been intimate with somebody in the past you have defeated about 85% of the barriers to being intimate again. Plus there is the dangerous adventure factor that makes it even more tempting.

I can certainly see how it happens, but facebook can really only exasperate an existing problem. If your eyes where fixed on the person whom they belong to, you would not be likely to stray.

More commonly, I also see facebook as a comfortable, but  way-too-public rumor mill.   One spouse grousing about another (for good reason or not) can sometimes yield hefty threads of friends taking sides on an issue.   This can make a woman feel unloved, and a man feel disrespected (Eph 5:33).  The public nature of the disagreement and the spectator encouragement can make a bad situation even harder to reconcile.  It is hard to reach a compromise on an issue when everyone is telling you that you are right, and they are wrong.

Relationships take a lot of work.  I don’t think they make a good spectator sport.  I cringe a lot at  some of the stuff I see on facebook.

I would not oversell the evilness of facebook however.   Evil is not an affirmative force. Darkness cannot penetrate light. Temptation is something that we retreat into, it is not something that overtakes us.

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