Root of Evil Addendum….

By jreighley - Last updated: Thursday, March 10, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

After discussing this on Facebook, I would like to add a bit to my previous post…

Facebook is not the cause of this problem..  All that Facebook does is provide a shortcut to a destination.  If you are struggling in your marriage, and you are looking for an alternative, It used to be a lot of work to recruit somebody to be naughty with.   For many, facebook significantly shortens that process.   Once you reach the destination “adultery” You can’t undo your trip.

Some may argue that Facebook is no different than any other form of communication.  I am not sure I agree with that.  Certainly you can communicate via telephone, but that takes some level of premeditation.  You have to hunt down the number.  Facebook tends to organically connect you with your entire past, and it requires very little premeditation.  In many cases it becomes a little rude not to interact.

As physical boundaries come down, we need to evaluate what mental boundaries we put up in their place.  If we don’t, we are likely to find ourselves in a place we never thought we would be.

I am not advocating avoiding Facebook..  Just remember to think things through before you act.  Maintain healthy boundaries.


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