Sarah Palin made me shudder.

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Yes, I know some people shudder every time she opens her mouth. I am not typically one of them. I see her as the presidential decoy. She takes all of the potshots for 3 1/2 years to clear the way for a guy like Tim Pawlenty to take the nomination. (Much like Hillary Clinton’s role in the 2008 election cycle) Her job is to bait the liberals into being irrationally agitated so that the mainstream of the country considers the liberals to be out of touch and delusional. She is doing a pretty darn good job of it. This role does spend your credibility however, and makes you seem nonviable in the general election.

Sarah visited Israel and provided the following quote:

“”Israel is absolutely beautiful and it is overwhelming to see and touch the cornerstone of our faith and I am so grateful to get to be here,” “

It may seem like a small error of semantics, but I think it is a very big one. “the cornerstone of our faith” refers to one thing. Jesus. The Cornerstone is the foundation for everything, everything is measured in relation to the Cornerstone, and it’s plumb line is the arbitrator between good and evil. (Isaiah 28:16-19)

To call something else “the cornerstone of our faith” is wrong. Particular when today’s pop-eschatology tend to make Israel the plumb-line, and consider anyone who questions the actions of the secular state of Israel to be un-Christian.

Jesus word’s in the The Parable of the wicked tenants called out Israel for rejecting the “Cornerstone”, and attached consequences to their actions.

Blindly supporting Israel is also blindly ignoring scripture. That doesn’t mean that Israel lacks any legitimacy — It just means that their possession of the land has always been tied to their obedience to God. The long term prospects of a disobedient secular Israeli government will be about the same as they have always been. Not good.

FYI – I taught a few years ago on the importance of “The Cornerstone” The audio is here:
Liferoads SNT: Acts 4

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