Will Jon Jones humility fail him?

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I have enjoyed the rise of Jon Bones Jones in the MMA world.. I think I have watched every one of his UFC fights. The doubters have been loud, but the doubters have always been wrong.. Now he sits as the UFC light heavyweight champ, and the doubters have moved their doubts from his fighting capability to his marketability. This article sums it up pretty well

The article contends that you need three things in order to succeed as a MMA revenue draw. I will address those contentions below.

1. Bad Boy Presence

Jones is not a bad boy outside of the ring. He is pretty definitively the opposite, and goes out of his way to be such. What is going to make Jones great isn’t that he is going to be popular within the current fan base. He is going to be successful by expanding the fan base to the non-bad-boy market. Kinda like Tiger Woods expanded the market for Golf to the non-old-fogey market.  I am sure that Michael Jordon expanded the market for the NBA as well.

Secondly, Actions speak louder than words. And nobody can say that this guy is not a bad boy.

I think the Shogun fight probably doubled the length of his highlight reel.

2: The Ultimate Fighter
I don’t buy it. Sure it has made some stars. But I don’t think GSP was hurting for PPV buys before he went on the show. Moreover, if Dana White thinks it will help – Jon Jones will be on TUF.

3: Feuds
Jon Jones doesn’t need to make feuds of his own. The feuds will come to him. Case 1, Rashad Evans. Everyone is trying to blame Jon Jones for the fact they are fighting. I don’t think the defending champ should take a lot of leeway to turn down fights. If Jon Jones where only to defend his belt against people who he thinks he can beat, and he can pick and choose – then he may very well not be the champ at all.. Rashad Evans is the one who wants the belt, and he is the one who had the leeway to turn down the fight. If anyone knows how to beat Jones, it will be his training partner, Rashad.

Finally, if you where to read through the comments, you will see a significant disdain for Jones’s “Faux Humility” As a Christian, I find this reaction quite interesting, because it should apply to all of us.

Jones’ humility is an interesting case study, and it will be interesting to see if he can maintain it. Jon Jones knows that his 8 ‘4 reach and his 6′ 4 frame is not the work of Jon Jones. He understands that that is why in large part he keeps winning. He gives credit to God with every win. He gives credit to his coaches, and he gives credit to his family. He is by no means close to a perfect human being, but neither are the “bad boys” who are mocking him.

I love the videos where he talks about his need to beat the weakness out of himself. This is what true Christian humility is. It isn’t lack of confidence. It is acknowledging the source of your strengths (God), the source of your weaknesses (sin), and submitting to the idea that your weaknesses need to be put to death.

Anyway, there are still legitimate doubts about weather Jon Jones is ready for all of this. Rashad Evans may very well be able to show the world how to beat Jones. (something nobody else has ever been able to come close to demonstrating) But I bet all of the MMA fans are going to want to see his next fight — and perhaps some non MMA fans. My wife is interested in watching him, for what that is worth.

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