Cover Song or Original?

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It occurred to me that our walk with God is a lot like an improvisational Jam session.    God calls us to some form of obedience, and we respond according to our particular personality, courage and faith.

Sometimes we do something exactly like he is calling us to.   Sometimes we only take a half step instead of a full one.  Sometimes we negotiate by doing something else that is kinda like what we are being asked to do.    God then responds with more beautiful music..  Be it gentle discipline, encouragement or celebration.   If we ignore him altogether, often God plays the same convicting notes over and over until we respond.

One of the dangers that comes with a lot of the Christian literature and teaching out there today is that it tries to provide us with a script — a few pages of sheet music that we can use to respond to God.  While the music may be good, we need to be careful that we are not playing a cover song of James Dobson, Dave Ramsey or Bill W..   Their song may be a good source of wisdom and may be totally sound biblical advice, but we need our song to be our song.

Moreover, Good wisdom is a distraction if it isn’t rooted in and subservient the Gospel.  We don’t follow Jesus to get a stronger family, financial peace, or liberation from addiction.  We get a stronger family, financial peace and liberation because of Jesus, who he is, and what he did for us.

It is the Gospel that changes everything, not some set of behaviors that we can follow like an actor reading a script.

So,  are you playing a cover song? Or an original?  Is your song a duet in response to God? or are you playing response songs totally irrelevant to his call?



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  • Kkracher

    Really interesting analogy you set up there. Makes me think a little about the Tao Te Jing and the learning of “The Way” of the universe. A deist view of your song. What is nice about Christ is that He interacts with you.