The Problem with the American Evangelical Model

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Is that it brings the “Case for Christ” before the “seeker” and then calls for him (or her) to pass judgement on God.

This approach leaves the “seeker” sitting on the exact throne that he needs to get off of.  This system then applauds him (the seeker)  for fulfilling his sinful role.  (Judging God)

But really, it is God who sits on the throne.  His light reveals his truth about us.  We are the proposition to be tested, He is not.   At our heart of hearts we know that we are deceiving ourselves into thinking we are okay.   God illuminates our lies, and calls us out of our lies and into truth.  God is Truth.  He is not a proposition.

And if you get this wrong  —  If you portray this wrong, you are not portraying God accurately.  It is like we point a flashlight at the wall, point to it and ask the seeker “This is what the light of God is like, Do you like??”  When the light of God is more like the Sun.  It isn’t even comparable.  It isn’t the same thing.  God doesn’t have a switch.  He illuminates everything.  You can’t point him.  The person who accepts the flashlight has not necessarily accepted the Sun.

I am fairly certain that is what is broken.   Thankfully, God is almighty enough to overcome our bad methods.   He saves sinners in spite of our inadequate efforts.  It is a miracle.   And a miracle it should be.

Update:   I further explain and clarify this topic here.




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