Don’t throw your own baby out because of somebody else’s soiled bathwater

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A rather common argument I hear in evangelical circles is “Well, the Mormons think along those lines and it gets them to this or that belief” or “The Catholics believe that, and they believe a lot of other funky stuff” or “The name it and claim it faith movement thinks that way”

Every sect has their favorite verse or ten, and the fact that they love them, and get some “interesting” results does not justify us dismissing or downplaying those verses. “All Scripture is God breathed and profitable”…

If you put a wrong baby Jesus into the doxilogical bathwater, that bathwater is going to smell a lot different than if you put the right baby Jesus into the same bathwater.

We ought not blame the bathwater for the baby. It is not a particular method or practice that yields a healthy or unhealthy theology, it is the Spirit of the god or God that is behind it.

It makes a lot of sense that the enemy would try to confuse us into elevating methods and practices into the object of our faith rather than the living and victorious Spirit of God.

Once we have succumbed to that lie – our baby Jesus isn’t going to leave the bathwater smelling too rosy either.

Sometimes I fear that we throw the baby out because of somebody else’s bathwater.

With that said, we can’t pick our own favorite ten verses and make up our own theology either. We need our error corrected by ALL scripture. But the tendency that I have been so frustrated with lately is the idea that it is our thoughts and our study and our logic that defines our God — Good or bad. God is God in spite of what we think or believe or believe Him to be. He is who He is. He is our God no matter who we say our God is. He is our God weather or not we believe. He is our God and his righteousness standard does not depend on our verdict. Every knee will bow. The truth will be the truth, and no lie will work, no excuse or deflection will work. We will stand before him and know that He is God. The truth will be so clear that we cannot even fool ourselves, when we so desperately wish to do so.

So we ought to stop trying to engineer Him based on avoiding these biblical ideas because they can “lead to that” – or downplaying this verse so we don’t get to “there”. If it is a biblical idea, and it doesn’t work, it is because we liked the idea more than God, and it is God that makes it work.

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  • Monica

    I think there’s alot of false dichotomies in Christianity – and that’s our human nature poking in it’s two cents worth, and not God.  God’s Truth is subtle and wise, and can’t be boiled down to “talking points”.  Sometimes it truly isn’t “this or that”, but “this AND that, but in this WAY.”  The older I get, the more I am realizing that.  When we “throw the baby out with the bath water”, from either side of the aisle, we may very well be missing TRUTH.