We’ve evolved past that whole natural selection thing.

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It is interesting how those who are most passionate about the idea that  we got here by evolution tend also to be the ones who put a pretty low priority on reproducing themselves..

It’s like the whole natural selection plan was invented just to culminate with their freedom to be free of the burdens of childbearing.

Most of the social issues of the day come down to this controversy.

The culture’s labeling Kirk Cameron as a “bigot”  because he told Peirs Morgan that  he would be “concerned” if his children chose a homosexual lifestyle, and that he would sit down with them to discuss the implications of that choice..

Is it wrong for a parent to want his children to pass the Darwinian test?

We, as individuals are just a flash in the pan.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Like a water molecule in a river.  But if the water ceases to flow, the river still dies.  Our lives are meant to be poured out into future generations. Or not — It is our own choice.  But death is pretty unforgiving.



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