Magic memory trick I pulled on myself today.

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Somebody lifted my Debit card and placed a bunch of unauthorized charges on it.

I of course cancelled the card and the bank is sending me a new one.

Today I opened the mail and recieved a new PIN for the yet unrecieved Debit card.

I looked at it for a millisecond or ten and thought “I always change those at the bank right after I get them.”  So, I tore off the PIN for future reference and placed the remainder of the mailer in the trash.

About 8 hours later, I took the trash out.  I looked into the garbage and I saw the mailer with the missing corner torn out.

Suddenly the thought appeared in my head. “Hmm,  I think that PIN is just like my alarm code at work”

I opened my wallet, took out the inversely shaped scrap of paper, and sure enough, the first 3 digits where exactly the same, and in the same sequence.  The final one was different, but it was a mixing ups 3’s and 8’s,   Pretty darn impressive for as long as I glanced at it.

That definitely was from a part of my brain I don’t know how to use.  I was blown away.




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