A widely ignored exerpt from “Fidelity”

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The critics accuse Doug Wilson of teaching that men are to dominate their wives in the bedroom.

They use a quote from the chapter on RAPE and pretend like he is talking about how men should treat their wives.

This is not his teaching.  The same book dismisses such nonsense.

Update — The quote appears to be unavailable.. To summarize it was a Q &A

Q: Does my wife have to have sex with me whenever I want?
A: Don’t be a Fathead.

Q: I was serious
A: (paraphrasing here I don’t have access to the text) She does, but remember you also have to refrain when she wants to refrain. She has authority over your body too.

Those who say Doug Wilson’s “Conquest” quote is referring to a marital relationship are very mistaking. Slanderously so.. He is contending that A marriage is the only place where you can be safe from feeling that way. Based on what I have overheard from young men in locker rooms and taverns, and from what I have heard from Ladies who have been seduced, used, and left, His quote pretty accurately describes the process. It is offensively ugly, that is why we need to do it God’s way.



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