The Romance vs Reality of Male Leadership.

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This song is quite popular right now. Especially among the ladies.

This song certainly does portray the romantic heart of the Christian gender roles. Men ought to lead with strength, being willing to fight for what is right. Women and children feel save with a strong leader heading up the family.

What complicates this issue is the romance of it. Romances work really well in fantasy, where they are safely unobtainable. Implementing them can be a bit more bothersome however.  I thought this blog post at Team Pyro was brutal but did hit the nail on the head.

I want to be that kind of man.  I believe my wife genuinely wants that kind of leader.   I do think it is my job to take the initiative and make that happen.  But I need to do it in a truly romantic way.  I need to romance her into wanting to be lead by me.   I need to strengthen her trust in me.  It isn’t a magic light switch that can be turned on in an instant without somebody getting a pretty significant jolt.   It takes both of us being transformed by Christ, and stepping out in faith into the newness of life that he has placed within us.   In short, it takes patience and courage.

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