NO! We don’t sin so that grace can abound!

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Listen to a couple of clips from Chuck Smith’s radio program over the last couple weeks:

A couple thoughts.

We ought not to calculate the acceptability of our sin based on God’s grace.  “By no means!” the apostle Paul tells us. “Go and sin no more” means what it says.  It doesn’t mean “If you think I won’t condemn you, go ahead and sin”  Teaching such things is a HUGE error.  Yes, there is grace, but God’s word is not a book of suggestions.   It is meant to protect us.  Sin is destructive.  It always ends in pain.  Forgiveness is will not bring back a dead child.

This woman did not call trying to justify having an abortion.  She called looking for somebody to encourage her to stand firm.

It is striking how Pastor Smith pauses, then uses the word “Fetus”.  The christian-eze term is “Baby”, but he can’t bring himself to use the normal Christian word, so he changes gears to use the secular word.

Complications are easy to get rid of until you put a name on them.  We see serious disabilities in James, or Glenda, or Joe, and we never think “It would be so much better if they where never born”.   But when we say “fetus”  it really takes the edge off.  I know of people who had very dire pre-natal dire diagnoses and turned out fine.   Others may not be fine by secular social standards, but they are a blessing in many other ways.  Unfortunately, these folks are becoming rarer and rarer because they are all being killed before they can be born.

When the Christian mourns like the world mourns and behaves like the world behaves, where is the hope going to come from?  Life may not be easy, but it will be good.  God is using our pain to shape us and mold us into who he wants to be.  None of our suffering is in vein.  He works all things for the good of those who love him.

Anyway, live time-crunched radio is probably not the best forum for Christian counseling.  It is a hard question.  I am not even certain that his end answer is totally wrong.  There may be a few very rare extenuating circumstances where abortion is the safest way to safely expedite the inevitable.  (This is not my opinion, but I wouldn’t dismiss the argument outright)   I don’t think that case was made in the conversation that made the air.  Smith seems to pretend like this case was made when he tries to justify his answer when questioned about it later.  The women did not say her life was in danger.  She did say that the children could have complications, and that they may not live past birth.  All of it seems speculative, not certain.

The means by which Chuck Smith  justified his answer was definitely wrong however.  We don’t sin so that grace may abound.  Hopefully Pastor Chuck will give a better explanation and perhaps express some repentance over his poor choice of words.  I am sure there is grace for Pastor Chuck, but I hope he stops giving bad advice even though he is forgiven.

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