There is no such thing as a flashdark.

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Flashlights are a pretty neat invention.  You can swing them in a particular direction, and things suddenly appear before your eyes..

If you ever want to have fun, go down to your local store and ask the clerk if they have any flashdarks.  Just like a flashlight, but with the opposite function.   You shine it at something and it fades into darkness before your eyes.

The idea is fairly preposterous.

This is why I believe we error when we believe evil to come from an affirmative source.  Evil is merely darkness.  It is a void.   It cannot be created or instigated.  You cannot make somebody evil.

Some may argue that this is unbiblical.  That Satan is the affirmative source of evil.   I disagree.   Satan’s only weapon is lies.  Lies are a lack of truth.  He can convince us to be comfortable in the dark, and he can convince us to flee and fear the light, but darkness has no power of it’s own.

I think that when we thing of evil as a power, we tend to fight it incorrectly.  No matter how hard you swing at darkness you are not going to hit it.  It isn’t there.  It cannot be defeated because there is nothing to defeat. The way you fight darkness is with light.  No amount of darkness can resist even the smallest light.  The darkness loses every time.

Truth is true.  Lies die.  Most of us believe convenient lies,  and that allows us to justify doing things that are harmful or destructive to others or to our own legacy.  I think in our heart of hearts we know that the lies are lies.  Shading ourselves from the light does not change our nature at all.  We are what we are weather anyone sees it or not.

In the end, our shelter of lies will be exposed, and we will be who we are.  Darkness cannot and will not overcome the light.  So we can come to peace with the truth now, or we can continue on our destructive self deceptive path.  In the end light will win.

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  • Dual Arc

    The brightest light creates the most shadow, never forget that balance overcomes morality; the world needs balance and wants morality. In the end light and dark will be how they always have, in perfect balance. Because that’s how it has to be. But evil isn’t constrained to the dark, evil spreads like disease infecting all. Evil lives wherever there is room for it to grow in the human heart and spreads from there, it must be fought as such, by strengthening our heart through good. Disease is unavoidable in some cases though, as is evil. Lies and fear keep the world running smoothly, what you call evil is all a basic necessity for intelligent life. Necessary evil does exist, but unnecessary evils should be eliminated. Our shelter of lies must kept intact, for lies are only the roof to keep out rain. Truth is the foundation, the walls, that which supports us and protects us from all else. Truth cannot save us from all things, therefore the lies are needed.

  • Josh Reighley

    But evil does not exist affirmatively.  It is 0.  it is nothing.  It self balances.  There is not +0 and -0  just zero.  1 – 0 =1 and 1+0 =1.  Lies are the absence of 1,  but they do not change the fact that. 1 does exist whether we include it in our dataset or not.  Falsehood in no way balances truth.  Falsehoods cannot equal truth any more than 0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 can equal 1.